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Easy tips to increase Barakah in your life

The life of a modern man is full of hurry. He is always getting late or short of time for every task in life. What do you think about the reason for th...


How Quran describe heaven?

Do you want to go to Jannah? If I ask this question from a Muslim, the answer is quite obvious. That is yes. Why is Jannah a destination of every Musli...


How self-love can be a means of connection to God?

We are living in the twenty-first century where modern trends and actions keep touching our eardrums. Sometimes we reflect upon them and then we try to...


Everything a Muslim trader should know about hoarding

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic and the current COVID situation gave us a conscious move and made us store hand sanitizers, masks, required food it...


Easy Sunnah of Holy Prophet that you can adopt now

Almighty Allah blessed us with this beautiful life and provided complete guidance of life through Quran and Sunnah. But, in contrast to this, the lives...