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DEFINITION:“CO-EDUCATION is a system in which boys and girls are study at a same place and share each other’s ideas and thoughts.”Co-education is still a living issue in Pakistan and indeed in many other countries also. In America, where co-education has been largely practiced, there are voices raised against it. In Soviet Russia, where it was practiced on an equally large scale but where it


Discipline means enthusiastic, obedience to instructions, training to follow certain rules of conduct, till it becomes a habit. Discipline is quite necessary to the formation of character. Wise men preach discipline; great men practice it, while fools defy it. The minister’s car obey the signals of traffic, a soldier obeys the commands to go straight into the mouth of a canon; that is discipline

Living for others

Man is the Crown of Creation! He has been endowed with the gift of intelligence. He, therefore, has the capacity to discriminate between good and evil, and right and wrong. Again, man is a social animal. He has the feelings of love and sympathy. It is impossible for him to live in loneliness. His life is such a complicated phenomenon that he cannot produce all the things necessary to maintain it.

Noorani Qaida Course

This course is meant to teach you how to read classical Arabic in correct pronunciation. It will help you read Quran, hadith and other Arabic books properly. So, anyone who is interested in learning Arabic for any purpose can take first step from this course. I’ll be guiding you throughout the course with the help of live lessons and other stuff. Whatever your field of interest may be in Arabic,

The Quran education offering you something new?

Read this and make a perfect choice. Whenever you select a brand of any product or service, you always have some whys? These whys are the motives behind your selection. Why should you select that product out of the pool of competitive products? Similarly, you must need some whys before choosing QuraneEducation.com.I'll help you in making a better choice. So, continue reading because it is going to

What is Islam? Basic beliefs and practices

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world. According to the statistics, the total population of Muslims is about 1.8 billion. God created humans and sent messengers for the guidance of human beings. In this way, He filled the spiritual needs of human beings. A Prophet connects human beings with God by inviting them towards the message of God. God sent many messengers one after another. Eve

Actions on the day of Jumma

8 Must-do actions on the day of Jumma:Every day of our life holds importance in the week. We usually spend it and look forward to the weekend. We start our week with Monday with new energy and keep exhausting till Friday. It is ok for our office works and professional routines but we need a change of mind related to religion. Why not start your weekend with new religious energy? Is it possible? Ye

Easy tips to get up early for Fajr prayer

Whenever there is a discussion about Salah or the importance of Fajr prayer, most people say that they cannot get up early in the morning for Fajr prayer. If you also do not get up early in the morning and often miss your Fajr prayer, this blog is for you. There are some practices related to religion and some psychological ones. These can help you to get up early in the morning.Fajr prayer is one

Actions that should perform before going to sleep

Almighty Allah provided us day and night. Day for performing our physical tasks and night for getting rest. It is advised to a Muslim to go to bed early and get up early in the morning. You can observe this from the cycle of five times prayer. For example, the gap between Isha and Fajr suggests early sleep and awakening. You should offer Isha prayer and then go to bed. This habit will make you rea

Collection of easy Zikrs- Part 2

Dhikr means to remember Allah in your heart. There is no time and schedule for this remembrance.  It only needs a pure heart filled with the love and attention of Muslims. The motivation to remember his Creator. Zikr is not a difficult task. It is the demand of love. In our daily life, we remember those whom we love. Similarly, the God who created and blessed us everything also demands love and r

Collection of easy Dhikrs that you can do every day -Part 1

Dhikr is a way of remembering Allah in your heart. This remembrance pays you back in one way or another. It might be in the form of mental satisfaction, a strong connection with Allah, or in the form of reward for every good deed. I discussed "What is Zikr and its importance in the life of Muslims" in this blog.After reading this blog, you are aware of the importance of Dhikr and why you should do

Importance of Zikr in life of a Muslim :

Allah created us and provided this vast universe. He created man and then made him superior to every other creature. He blessed us with countless blessings. He provided us body, mind, heart and even a single body organ study reveals that how wise our Creator is. In response to this never-ending list of blessings, we have to remember our Creator. This remembrance of Allah in your heart is called Zi

How to make a strong connection with Allah?

Our daily life chores and activities make us tired and mentally disturbed. You can solve this disturbance by achieving mental satisfaction and peace. Religion provides you with this mental satisfaction by providing a spiritual connection. Stronger is your spiritual connection, the more you are relaxed and peaceful in your life. In this blog, I will explain a few methods that will help you in makin

Etiquettes of reading and learning the Quran?

Quran is a manuscript from the heavens and a book of guidance for everyone. This status of the Holy Quran bounds us to show respect while carrying and reciting it. This respect should be guided by love, not for the worldly show-off. In this blog, I explained a few etiquettes of reading and learning Quran explained by Quran and Sunnah.1.Purification:Before any Islamic ritual, it is necessary to per

How does technology help us in learning Quran?

Islam is the second biggest religion in the World, Muslims are the second biggest community on Earth. Quran is the holy book of Muslims. Billions of people read and learn the words of Allah. Technology has influenced Quran education, learning, and understanding. In addition to this, technology helped the whole Muslim e Ummah to learn and share their knowledge of the Quran, Sunnah, and Fiqah.It was

How to understand Quran even if Arabic is not your language?

Islam and Quran are not for a single group of people. It is a universal Holy book preserved for centuries. We believe that Allah safeguarded it till the day of Qayamat. The language of the Quran is the Arabic language. There is no doubt that the best way to understand Quran is to learn Arabic. It is the language in which Allah revealed this book. Statistics show that only twenty percent of Muslims

How to give Dawah to Muslims?

Dawah means inviting others towards the message of Allah. Its scope also includes telling others about Allah and directing them how to obey his commandments. I have provided details about What is Dawah, its importance, and how to perform it? YOU CAN Check Here.Dawah is not only for non-Muslims but also for Muslims. It is for those who believe in the oneness of Allah the Holy Prophet as the last me

What is Dawah? What is an Islamic way to perform it?

 Dawah is an Islamic way of inviting others towards the true religion of Allah. Quran and Sunnah guide every Muslim man and woman to perform this prophetic task on their own. Allah's Prophets also invited people towards Allah and gave them Dawah to follow his teachings. As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the last Prophet of Allah, no Prophet will come in this world now. Due to this reason, Muslims are

Frequently Asked Questions about Ghusl

Ghusl is a ritual bath for removing major and minor impurities of the body. To understand this frequently asked questions portion, please read How to perform Ghusl first. When you are aware of the complete process of performing Ghusl, you can better understand the answers to these questions.If I am wearing a ring or any other jewelry, Should I remove this during Ghusl?Yes, one should take off jewe

What Is Ghusl? How to perform it?

Islam is a complete code of life. It guides us about every aspect of life. It not only guides us about worshiping and rituals but also about how to purify ourselves. Cleanliness is half of faith. Ghusl is a way of cleaning our bodies and removing all the impurities.Now you might have this question in your mind that what is meant by major impurities? Ghusl is a way to remove major impurities. How t

The correct way of Performing Wudu and some mistakes that we should avoid:

 Allah is our Creator. He is the most Beneficent and merciful. The purpose of every worship of Muslims is to connect with Almighty Allah and prayer is the best way. Islam teaches us to contact Allah five times a day with the help of prayer. Offering Salah has many medical advantages apart from spiritual benefits. Click here to read. The first and foremost step of performing prayer is to perform a

How is the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) a role model for a modern youth?

Since my childhood, whenever I am reading a book related to the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), I usually read this sentence recurrently." There is a role model for you in the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH)". But, over time, I interpreted this sentence and understood the hidden meaning behind these words.It took many years of my life to understand these words. Based on my experience, I am sharing th

A short analysis of women rights in Islam and comparison with Western feminism

A short analysis of women rights in Islam and comparison with Western feminismIslam is the religion of piety, compassion, and piousness. Islam dignifies women that were considered the slave of their husbands up to the extent that heaven has been placed under their feet. Islam gave rights of life, inheritance, business, and vote, etc. to women. Islamic principles completely deny western liberalism'

How to be consistent in offering prayer?

An easy way to be regular in SalahSalah is obligatory for every Muslim either it's a man or a woman. It's the second pillar of Islam. After entering into the boundary of Islam, this is a primary step. Muslims must offer prayer from the age of seven. But, today, most of us struggle while being regular in our prayers. So many internal and external distractions and factors stop us from this beautiful

Mind-blowing medical advantages of offering prayer:

Mind-blowing medical advantages of offering prayer:Being a Muslim, offering prayer five times a day is necessary. It connects us to Allah. It allows us to say thanks to Him for the blessings he bestowed upon us. We pay regard and admit his powers and greatness for being our Rabb. Additionally, the process of leaning and standing in front of ALLAH gives us many physical advantages.Islam is a religi

Scientific Miracles of the Quran that will amaze you

As Quran is the Holy book of Muslims. Every Muslim reads Quran for guidance and to increase knowledge of Islam. But, every single verse of the Quran is full of wisdom and several interpretations. Quran landed on the Earth almost fourteen centuries ago and Muslims are still unable to interpret it completely. Furthermore, Scientific research is now providing proof of every miracle of the Quran. Whe

Why should you prefer learning Quran education online over physical classes?

Holy Quran is the most sold book in the world. As it is a source of guidance for1.8 billion, Quran teaching has its scope. Every Muslim child needs special Quran classes for a good understanding of the Holy book. Therefore, Muslim parents find convenient methods of Quran learning.For suppose, you are also looking for a workable strategy for your child's Quran education. You are at the right place.

Top 5 problems of online Quran education and their solutions

Every religion of the world has some specific guidelines for its followers. Holy for every Muslim child. Due to high mobility and pandemic, Quran learning has been books are the basic source of guidance in many religions of the world. Followers of Islam follow the Holy Quran for guidelines and true practice of religion. Quran education is necessary shifted to online. But there are many challenges

How to learn Quran as a beginner?

Quran is the holy book of Muslims and every Muslim needs to understand the Quran to understand the teachings of his religion. If you are a Muslim and want to learn Quran, the following details will provide you with complete guidance from basic to advance and for kids.Start from Norani Qaida: If you are a beginner, you should select Norani Qaida to understand the basics of Arabic. Norani Qaida hel

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