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Patience in the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Whenever I ask someone about past events in one's life, he talks about the difficulties and calamities that he endured in the past. Indeed, life is no ...


5 Heart-stirring benefits of Sabar that you never heard of

Patience is the characteristic of a Muslim and it’s the name of believing Allah in the hardest situation. It’s the belief that drives a Muslim towa...


Easy tips to increase Barakah in your life

The life of a modern man is full of hurry. He is always getting late or short of time for every task in life. What do you think about the reason for th...


How Quran describe heaven?

Do you want to go to Jannah? If I ask this question from a Muslim, the answer is quite obvious. That is yes. Why is Jannah a destination of every Musli...


How self-love can be a means of connection to God?

We are living in the twenty-first century where modern trends and actions keep touching our eardrums. Sometimes we reflect upon them and then we try to...