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The special significance of the last 10 days of Fasting

Ramadan is one of the most blessed and blessed months of the year. In that blessed month, Allah revealed the Quran, from the beginning of the month of ...


Swimming while fasting

Q. What is the ruling if water gets in the throat unintentionally while swimming in the state of fasting?If he sure I am a good swimmer!Ans. Then, If w...


These Stories from history will boost your level of patience

Patience is the characteristic of a Momin (a true Muslim). We need a lot of patience in our daily life activities. For example, we need to be patient w...


Fasting and Virtues of the month

Shaban is the eighth month in the Islamic lunar calendar. It is a month of holiness and many Hadiths explain the importance of this month. Shaban acts ...


Standard of beauty in Islam

If I ask a so-called modern teenage girl what are imperfections of her body? If she is media-motivated then her answer would be like this. Her hair is ...