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Miraculous events and experiences of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah sent messengers for the guidance of humanity. He gave them the light of knowledge and guided them to spread the light of faith who do not possess...


False Prophethood of Musaylima al-Kadhdhāb and battle of Yamama

Allah bestowed Holy Prophet (PBUH) with the prophethood and assigned him the task of spreading the light of faith in humanity. This task was not easy a...


Finality of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Finality of Holy Prophet (PBUH)Allah sent various messengers for the guidance of the people of different communities at different periods. This chain o...


Investment For the Day of Judgement

Introduction:Investment is something we do on daily basis. For example, a businessman invests in a new project and a housewife invests in a good vacuum...


List of easy 10 Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

Islam is a religion of love and ease. I can tell you my perception of Islam that if you consider it difficult, it is difficult. But if you take it easy...