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Scientific Miracles of the Quran that will amaze you

As Quran is the Holy book of Muslims. Every Muslim reads Quran for guidance and to increase their knowledge of Islam. But, every single verse of the Qu...


Why should you prefer learning Quran education online over physical classes?

Holy Quran is the most sold book in the world. As it is a source of guidance for1.8 billion, Quran teaching has its scope. Every Muslim child needs spe...


Top 5 problems of online Quran education and their solutions

Every religion in the world has some specific guidelines for its followers. Holy for every Muslim child. Due to high mobility and the pandemic, Quran l...


How to learn Quran as a beginner?

Quran is the holy book of Muslims and every Muslim needs to understand the Quran to understand the teachings of his religion. If you are a Muslim and w...