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Islamic Month of Safar’s Misconceptions

Safar is the second month of the Islamic year. Safar literally means "empty". Arabs used to respect Muharram as a sacred month and they used to avoid b...


living style in the way of nature

What is meant by love? If I ask this question from a lover, a definite answer will be that one who is ready to sacrifice his possessions for the one wh...


Is Qurbani compulsory for you?

The majority of Muslims support performing Qurbani, and according to Islam, every sane adult Muslim man or woman who possesses wealth over what is nece...


Shawwal Fasting

As soon as Ramadan passes, Taraweeh ends, but fasting does not end yes, of course, it makes such a difference that the obligation of fasting ends there...


Chaand Raat

The night of Eid means the last day of Ramadan and the next day is Eid which is also called Chaand Raat ( moon night ). Although the night of Eid-ul-Ad...