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How to be consistent in offering prayer?

An easy way to be regular in Salah

Salah is obligatory for every Muslim whether it's a man or a woman. It's the second pillar of Islam. After entering into the boundary of Islam, this is a primary step. Muslims must offer prayer from the age of seven. But, today, most of us struggle while being regular in our prayers. So many internal and external distractions and factors stop us from this beautiful and obligatory task.

I also struggled with being regular in Salah. I was never consistent in Salah from my childhood. But, when I turned seventeen, I made up my find to be consistent in my prayer and achieved this consistency with many strategies. It is a guiding blog for you based on my experience. If you also want to be regular in Salah, this blog will help you to be consistent in a shorter time.

Keep in mind that every strategy written here is not for you because we are not the same. You and I have the same religion but not the same age, personality, choices, schedules, mindsets, and above all professions and regions. So, I will suggest you take help from this blog and make a strategy that will help you in your prayer regularity. So, let's start this struggle by helping each other

Be aware of your enemy:

Some people think that they don't have an enemy but remember that you have an enemy and he is the worst enemy of you and your positive intentions toward Allah. Why is this necessary? It is needed because if you even don't know that there is an enemy, you can't fight against it and your enemy will always try to harm you. But if you know that there is an enemy, you can become strong enough to fight against your enemy.

Sheitan will make you get distracted from the prayer and you have to fight against it. So, get ready. Be mindful of it.

Make Salah your priority:

As Salah is obligatory, you have to make it a priority. It is a crucial step for being regular. While making your schedule, you should have some fixed points and plan the remaining tasks in a manner that you can give proper time to those fixed points. These fixed points are five times of prayer. I know, it is difficult for a beginner but it is difficult for a few days and when you get used to it, it's a walk in the park.


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Think about the advantages:

Logics and reasons compel humans. You should have the answer to the question that why you should offer prayer. First of all, it has many medical advantages and it can play the role of exercise for your body.

Second, it is Allah who has bestowed you with so many blessings. There must be some time to say thanks to Him. Keep in mind that Salah is for you. Salah is a form of prayer and you have to ask it for your advantage. It is similar to a situation in which you are doing a job or running a business for your prosperity then why not offer a prayer for yourself? A large number of answers to this question will be directly proportional to your motivation.

Give a proper response to the Call for prayer:

Adhan is a formal call for prayer. If you live in Muslim territory, you will hear Adhan five times a day, a reminder of success designed by Allah. Your response should be respectable. For instance, you receive a call on your mobile phone, and your happy or sad response to your call shows your motivation for that specific topic. Similarly, your response to Adhan will be a demonstration of your struggle to connect with Allah. You should follow the Islamic way of responding to Adhan.

Challenge yourself:

Sometimes, we love to challenge ourselves. So, why not challenge your capability for a fight with Sheitan? Challenge yourself for a shorter span. For instance, if you plan to offer prayer for forty days, this will be difficult for you. At the same time, if you say I have to offer prayer on time for five days, it will be comparatively easy. You can challenge yourself daily as well if it works for you.

Set reminders:

Most of the time, the only barrier is that we usually forget Salah. For this, you can set reminders. It might be an alarm or a friend or colleague who reminds you of prayer. In this modern era, the Adhan alarm is the perfect solution. You can set it on your mobile and check how it helps you in being regular.

Keep a check on yourself:

When you try to be consistent, you must check on yourself. You can make a to-do list daily. You can also make a list of five prayers and then tick in front of those that you offered during the day and cross those that you missed. More ticks may give you motivation in the form of happiness.

Make some pre-Salah arrangements:

Being proactive is the strategy that works for achieving hundred percent results. You can apply this strategy in Salah as well. You can make some arrangements before Salah. For instance, make ablution on time, take a bath or complete your task before prayer time, etc.

Consider the importance of Now:

You can prepare your mind with a routine that if you hear Adhan or someone reminds you about Salah, you will leave your all activities and go for prayer without waiting for a minute. This strategy might not work for you if you are in an office meeting. But you can do this if you are playing a video game.

Wait for the time when Salah begins to pay you back:

Allah says in Quran that if you will start walking towards me, I will come to you. Although, you will face some difficulties and you have to cross them. But after some time, Salah will begin to pay you back. How Salah will pay you back? It will be in the way that you will find it less difficult to go for prayer or sometimes you find an easy way to tackle that difficulty.

Don't let excuses overcome your mind:

Procrastination occurs when you do not overcome excuses. Don't say I will begin tomorrow. If Salah is not your priority for this moment, it will not become for the next day also. Similarly, try to avoid all procrastination by making Salah a priority.

Develop an environment that compels you for Salah:

Man is a social animal. He can't live without humans. At the same time, his company affects him a lot. So, choose a company that offers the prayer. If your friends or family do not provide you required environment, no need to worry. You can be regular in Salah and then become an inspiration and provide the required company to someone else who will struggle after you. Try to hear Islamic lectures, it will give you mental assistance. Design your room in a way that reminds you of prayer. Keep an Islamic book on the side of your table. Hang a frame with the name of Allah in front of your worktable. Adopt any way that suits you.

Make a Duaa:

Salah is a Duaa in itself. So, for getting istaqamatt, you can ask Allah that help me in doing this. It's clear that if you want to follow a path guided by your God then why not ask the strength from Him? Because only Allah can give us that strength. It will help you in so many ways and one of them is a connection to Allah when your bond is strong, your mind and heart will go for Salah naturally. Be patient  When we start offering prayer, we expect that is why we are not becoming regular? Keep in your mind that this will take some time and you have to wait. Time is required to fight with Sheitan. Allah expects you to fight all the barriers until you can make Salah included in your routine.

Enjoy and support minor progress:

As mentioned earlier, regularity in Salah will take some time. An increase in motivation is necessary for you. For this, you can enjoy and support yourself even if you make minor progress. You can feel happy the moment when you remembered Salah before the reminder. Similarly, if you got up for Salah early in the morning before ringing the alarm. You should feel all this happiness.

Don't underestimate yourself:

Positivity is a primary requirement for positive work. Don't allow negativity to overcome your motivation. Try to avoid negativity i.e., I was struggling for fifteen days and I am not getting enough regularity. You should be thankful if you offered a prayer three times. This is because at least you are not standing among those who neglected all five.

Learn the translation of Salah:

If you are not an Arab and you don't know the meanings of those words that you are reciting, you cannot enjoy your prayer. Learn the translation in your native language, it will help you to understand Arabic words.

Consider every prayer as your last:

The considerable motivation for Salah can be the reward. But something greater than that is to consider every Salah as your last prayer to Allah. Then, try to offer it in a way that you would like to stand in your final prayer. Must focus on this strategy and this perfectly worked for me. All the strategies stated above may not work for you and are unable to motivate you for Salah. But I am hopeful that a few will work. Design your strategy and then follow it. Someone's lengthy lectures may not give you enough motivation but a single click in your mind may prove sufficient. Find the reasons and try to become a better Muslim. This will eventually help you in this world and the world hereafter.

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