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Major sins that every person or Muslim must avoid

Sin is a deviation from the divine law and commandments. Deviations can be smaller or bigger. Similarly, a few deviations mean sins are major and others few minors. If you want to read about sins more, read the article here. It is evident from the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that few sins are worst deviations and Muslims must avoid these sins to protect themselves from punishment. In this blog, we will provide you with a detailed explanation of hadith. Read it till the end so that you can avoid major sins in your life.

According to the hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), the following sins are the greatest sins and every Muslim must avoid them.

1. Polytheism (Shirk in Arabic)

All the revealed religions preach the worship of one God who is the Creator of the universe and all the prophets guided people about the presence of one God. Therefore, worshipping someone other than Allah or considering being able to be worshipped is Shirk and it is forbidden. It is the largest sin and every Muslim must avoid it. It is unforgivable sin in Islam. If a person dies in this state, he is considered a disbeliever (Kafir in Arabic). Associating anything with attributes of Allah is Shirk and no one can emancipate eternity of hell while being a disbeliever.

2. Murder

You might be surprised to read this but yes, murder is one of the biggest sins in Islam. It is completely prohibited to kill anyone whom Allah blessed with life. You cannot take the right to life from a human being. Killing is allowed in some cases according to Islamic law, for example, in the case of Jihad, etc. Islam has strong restrictions and punishments for those who murder others. For example, Allah says in Quran :

“And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is hell; he shall abide in it, and Allah will send His wrath on him and curse him and prepare for him a painful chastisement”. ( Al-Quran)

3. Usury or Riba

I know you are amazed to read that usury or interest is not allowed in Islam. It is one of the major sins because it is against the economic system of Islam. It also accumulates money in a few hands and the Islamic pillar of Zakat makes sure the circulation of money from high-status to low-status people. Usury is to lend money with a set amount of interest while returning it. Islam prohibited usury for the good of society. A Muslim does not lend money to a brother Muslim with a set amount of interest because he knows that it is sin and it will take him to hell.



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4. Magic or witchcraft

Islam is against the use of black magic or witchcraft. It is against Islamic rules. It is worshipping Jinn or using them to mislead people. It is also used to create some idealization or false image or we can say corrupted reality in front of people. Islam does not support misguiding people or considering someone able to be worshipped except Allah. It is forbidden for Muslims and a good Muslim can never do this and accept the anger of Allah.

5. Leaving the battlefield

Islam does not allow any Muslim to leave the battlefield as an act of cowardice. He must support his fellow Muslims in the battle even if it costs him his life. A Muslim is never afraid of losing his life because he has eternal life which is called life hereafter. Death is just a passage from a temporary world to a life of eternity. Therefore, a Muslim should not be afraid of death and leave the battlefield. It is considered a major sin that a Muslim is forbidden to commit. Another important point is that martyrdom is one of the biggest statuses for a Muslim because it carries rewards and blessings for him. He loves to die as a martyr. Due to this reason, a Muslim cannot leave the battlefield and if he does so, he has to get punished for committing a major sin.

6. Confiscation of an Orphan’s property

Islam does not allow confiscation of others’ property in any case. Islamic Shariah has strict laws for this. But, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) narrated in his hadith that seizing the property of an orphan is highly prohibited and if any Muslim does this, he must be ready to confront the wrath of Almighty Allah. An orphan is a person who does not have a father and is not adult enough to taker of him. Therefore, Islam protects the rights of helpless people by declaring it a major sin.

7. Accusing innocent women of adultery

Adultery is a sin and both men and women will be punished for this sin. But sometimes people accuse innocent women of adultery without any proof. Islam does not allow this and therefore declares it a major sin for a Muslim. Accusing an innocent person is not acceptable in Islam generally but slandering innocent women about having illegal sexual relations is highly undesirable and Islam protects women's rights by declaring it a major sin for Muslims.

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