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Mind-blowing medical advantages of offering prayer:

Being a Muslim, offering prayer five times a day is necessary. It connects us to Allah. It allows us to say thanks to Him for the blessings he bestowed upon us. We pay regard and admit his powers and greatness for being our Rabb. Additionally, the process of leaning and standing in front of ALLAH gives us many physical advantages.

Islam is a religion of logic and mind. There is always the wisdom of Allah behind every teaching of Islam. So, a human mind can justify most Islamic practices. Salah is also one of them. It seems that the process of leaning and straightening provides good exercise to our body. As we offer morning prayer before breakfast so we can call it morning yoga. Similarly, Esha prayer seems to play a good digestion role after dinner. But, it's time to have a look at those facts which are evident from Science.

Blood circulation:

Blood circulates in the whole body and supplies nutrients to every cell. During Sajda, blood circulation increases towards the brain. This more supply of blood and then coming back of blood during the position of Jalsa is good for the brain. It improves our memory, vision, hearing, and concentration. It reduces the chances of many diseases. For instance, a higher blood supply to the skin avoids fibrositis. In the same way, it prevents morbidity of chilblains as well

Exhalation of residual air:

According to a modern study of lungs, our body is unable to replace one-third part of our lung's air. The exhalation process replaces carbon dioxide with oxygen but this process is not fully completed in our normal postures. The position of Sajda provides a posture to our visceral organs and they apply pressure on the lungs. Consequently, this position helps to remove residual gases from the lungs. This eventually prevents many lung diseases. i.e., bronchiectasis, etc. And makes you a healthy person.


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Increase in the rate of digestion:

Digestion is an essential process that happens in our abdomen and Salah supports this process. How? Let's answer this question. While offering prayer, there is a state of Quad during which one foot is curved under the other. This position is for more time while reciting Tashad. This posture gives a perfect position to the body where the process of digestion is at its maximum. Not only this, there is an improvement in liver functioning and our intestines become relaxed. This relaxing position avoids constipation and escalates digestion.

Increases in the flexibility of muscles and joints:

Rukku is a position in Salah and a Muslim stands in this position many times a day. This position gives a soothing effect on the muscles of the lower back, thighs, and vertebral column. Not only this, many bending and straightening movements keep joints functioning and active. The Salah relaxes many joints i.e., shoulder, ankle, knees, hips, and wrist joints, etc. It also relieves lower back pain and keeps the vertebral column active.

A complete Yoga package five times a day:

Today, medical experts and physiotherapists consider exercise essential for the active human body. Yoga is one of the best-recommended exercises. Many movements and positions of Salah are similar to yoga. Similarly, Salah binds you to a yoga exercise five times a day to provide you with all the benefits of exercise. Above all, Salah gives you all the benefits of exercise. So, what's your idea about Salah? Are you offering prayers to keep yourself healthy and to connect with your Creator?


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