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Miraculous events and experiences of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Allah sent messengers for the guidance of humanity. He gave them the light of knowledge and guided them to spread the light of faith who do not possess it. He not only gave them knowledge and faith but also bestowed miraculous powers that confirm that they are prophets of Allah. Every prophet had some miracles that he performed in his life and invites people toward one God. Similarly, Allah blessed Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with miracles. According to the Islamic books, He (PBUH) performed more than one thousand miracles in his life.

Are miracles necessary?

The causes of these miracles were different according to the need of that time. For example, some miracles were performed to confirm being a messenger to the non-believers. Some other miracles were performed to fulfill the immediate requirements of the Muslims. Few miracles happened during the interaction with non-living things. This blog is an explanation of the miracles of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he performed in his life.

Miracle of the Quran:

Out of all the miracles of Muhammad (PBUH), Quran is the greatest miracle for which Allah chose Muhammad (PBUH). Quran is the last word of Allah and it has many miraculous aspects. It prophesies future events, stories of past events, and above all wonderful composition. Allah bestowed Quran to the people who were considered eloquent at that time. It is an open challenge to everyone to bring a verse like Quran and no one in the Arab was able to produce a single word like Quran.

1. Treatment of Sick people :

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) could treat sick people. Once his cousin Ali (RA)’s eye was aching severely. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spat on his eyes and kept his hand on the eye. It became normal and all the swallowing and pain vanished in a moment.

2. Splitting of the moon:

Non-believers wanted to have proof from Muhammad (PBUH) about his prophethood. They used to say that show us a miracle so that they can confirm that He is the messenger of Allah. Holy Prophet (PBUH) showed a miracle that disrupted the natural pattern of the universe. It was to divide the moon into two parts. Holy Prophet (PBUH) inspired by Allah pointed towards the moon which was full as it was the moon of the 14th night of the month. The moon got split into two halves and these two halves were observable to the people of Makkah but they said it was nothing but sorcery. They called Him a magician instead of believing in his prophethood.


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3. Journey of Muhammad to the heavens:

It is also a miracle of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he traveled in the heavens. Before migrating to Medina, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) went on a journey that is called Mairaj. The angel Jibril traveled with him on a Buraq which can travel thousands of kilometers in no time. He reached Bait-ul-Muqadas and then traveled to the heavens. He met other prophets and lead their prayer. Then, he went alone from Sidrah-Tul-Muntah to the heavens where no went before or earlier to him and he conversated with Allah. The five times prayer was also bestowed on Muhammad (PBUH) on the journey of Mairaj.

4. Water springing from the hands of Prophet Muhammad :

At the place of Hudabiya, a treaty was signed between Muslims and non-Muslims of the Makkah, Muslim caravan went short of water. There was no water for drinking or ablution (ritual cleaning of the body). Muslims reported the problem to Holy Prophet (PBUH) and he asked them to bring available water in a pot. He placed his hand in it and in no time, water began to spring out of his fingers. The whole Muslim army drank and performed ablution and water was enough.

5. Crying of a tree:

Once Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to deliver sermons by standing with a tree. The companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) made a pulpit from the tree for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It was the day Friday and Holy Prophet (PBUH) had to deliver a Friday sermon but before this, the pulpit started to cry like a pregnant, she-camel. Holy Prophet (PBUH) embraced it and console it like a child. It was crying because it used to hear the holy sermon from the Prophet (PBUH).

6. Conversation with Jinnat:

Holy Prophet (PBUH) made a conversation with one of Jinnat group. Many Jinnat accepted Islam and He (PBUH) used to teach them different chapters of the Quran as well.

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