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A parable related to Uthman Ibn Affan carries a life-changing lesson for Muslim Ummah

Uthman Ibn Affan was the third Caliph of Islam who led the Muslim community for twelve years. During his rule, Muslims Armies conquered many areas and expanded the message of Islam to a larger population. He was a pious, gentle, kind, and shy person. Uthman Ibn Affan was a literate man and it was rare to be literate in the pre-Islamic age. Uthman Ibn Affan has a special relationship and connection with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). He married two daughters of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), first with Hazrat Ruqiyah and after her demise with the second daughter of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Hazrat Ume Kalsoom.


He is one of the very close companions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and His services to Islam are worth admiring. By nature, He was a soft and kind-hearted man. The most dominant element of his personality is his generosity and love for the poor and needy. He was a famous trader in Arab. In short, He is not an ordinary man and his stories of generosity are a motivation and inspiration for all Muslims today. Examples from his biography passed the test of time and space and show his life as inspiration and motivation.


Once upon a time, clean water was scarce in Medina. There located a well owned by a Jew. He used to sell water to Muslims. It was difficult for the Muslims to buy water for daily usage. They reported their difficulty to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Muhammad (PBUH) announced to the congregation who would purchase this well from the Jew in exchange for a home in paradise. No one stood except Uthman Ibn Affan. He went to the Jew for a deal. Jewish owner was reluctant to sell the well. Uthman Ibn Affan made a fair deal with the seller by an agreement.


He paid half price of the well and divided the ownership. After this deal, Jew was the owner of the well for one day, and on alternative days, Uthman Ibn Affan had the authority. He donated the well to the Muslim public for alternative days. Muslims used to store water for one day and filled their pots again. It caused a catastrophe to the business of the Jewish owner. After a few days, he sold the complete well to Uthman Ibn Affan for a high price of Dirhams. He donated the waterhole called Bahr Roma to the Muslims.


One can find this type of generosity connected with the personality of Uthman Ibn Affan in Islamic history. Apart from this story, many examples show his generosity, piousness, and love for humanity. All the companions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had matchless and unparalleled personalities. Stories like this inspire us to follow Islam in its actual essence and in the way these role models followed. It’s the time to practically follow the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and his companions.


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