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Islamic Month of Safar’s Misconceptions

Safar is the second month of the Islamic year. Safar literally means "empty". Arabs used to respect Muharram as a sacred month and they used to avoid battle and fighting during this month. But as soon as the month of Safar started, they would stand out for fighting and used to leave their houses empty. So accordingly, the name of this month became Safar. Many superstitions and misconceptions are common in Muslim society regarding the month of Safar.

Some Misconceptions

There are many superstitions and misconceptions but we mention some of them.

1. Consider that traveling during this month is more likely to be challenging.
2. If married in this month, there may be a more likely chance to get a divorce.
3. If you want to start any new work, wait for this month to pass otherwise there will be a loss in work or business.
4. On the last Wednesday of this month, food should be prepared and distributed among the people

Do these things have any basis in reality?

Usually, there is a reason behind everything that happens, like a person can lose business due to his wrong decisions or someone's trip went bad because of circumstances or he chose the wrong time.
God (Allah) has made humans sovereign. He has the ability to choose the good or the bad path. Consequently, there are only two possible reasons why anything awful can happen to a person.

1. A challenge from God (Allah)

You run the risk of failing the exam if you don't study, less cement and concrete used while building a house increases the risk of an earthquake damaging the structure, driving without observing the regulations of the road might result in an accident, and the entire country suffers when a country's government makes a bad decision. 99 percent of the time, whatever bad things happen to a person because of his failures and weakness, consequently, a person ignores his failures, weakness, and sloth and assigns blame on them to circumstances, people, events, days, weeks, months, or years.

2. Being Not Prepared

There is only a 1 percent possibility that a person may feel joy or sadness as a result of a test from God (Allah) and it is vital to remember that God (Allah) only tests His loving servant.
No calamity can come except that which has been written by Allah. Regarding this:

Allah Almighty says in the book of Holy Quran:

"Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) ‘say that no calamity can ever befall us except what Allah has written for us, and He is our causer, and Allah will protect the believers.’ must be trusted."


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“Any hardship or ease is from God (Allah)” - What does this phrase mean?

Because this entire natural system that God has created is running on the laws created by God, it is quite clear that the person who violates even one rule of this law will be harmed.
And who is the owner of this natural system, our God “Allah”

Therefore, every living thing will experience comfort or hardship as a result of living in this natural system.
It was narrated from Hazrat Ibn Abbas that the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, "There are seventy thousand people in my Ummah who will enter paradise (jannah) without reckoning. I asked, who will these people be?"

“Those who do not take bad omens and trust in their Lord (Allah)

Therefore, every human being should have the belief that God (Allah) is the only owner of this system and the profit and loss in it, that is, Allah Almighty, and it is not in the power of anyone except Him. May God (Allah) protect us from the wrong path and trouble. Amen

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