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What is meant by love? If I ask this question from a lover, a definite answer will be that one who is ready to sacrifice his possessions for the one whom he loves. The same concept applies to a love of Muslims for Allah. A Muslim should be ready to sacrifice his halal-earned money in the way of Allah. It is a symbol of the love of a Muslim that he is ready to sacrifice everything for his Creator.

Spending money in the way of Allah is one of the most rewarded actions in Islam. You donate what you earned after a strenuous physical and mental effort. But this exchange is worth it because you donate your money for a big eternal reward and love of the Creator. This reward is a real asset that a Muslim buys with Halal money.

Spending in the way of Allah is a generous action on the part of a Muslim. It requires generosity of heart. It's human nature that he loves wealth. His heart lies where lies his wealth. But, when a Muslim donates money to Allah, he feels happiness and a connection with Allah. You can spend in the way of Allah in many ways.

Sometimes, it's obligatory to spend in the way of Allah and you are abided to spend. On the other hand, sometimes it's a voluntary action on the part of Muslims. The obligatory spending in the way of Allah is called Zakat. The volunteer spending is called Sadqah. Zakat is an Arabic word that means purification. It is the purification of your wealth and your heart. Apart from obligatory spending, Muslims spend in the way of Allah in the form of Sadqah.

There is no specific timing and requirement of Sadqah suggested in Islam as it is for Zakat. You can pay Sadqah anytime you wish. These obligatory and volunteer spending strengthen your faith and increase your rewards. Another purpose of Zakat and Sadqah is to remove the love of wealth from the heart of a Muslim.

We live in a materialistic world and it is temporary. A Muslim must not be so involved in the love of money and materialism that he forgets what is eternal. Sadqah and Zakat have a social effect as well. It is the transfer of wealth from the hands of the rich to the poor. This transfer of money also involves the love and sacrifice for Allah.

Allah has made this system of transfer of wealth from the upper class to the lower class. When Allah bestows wealth on someone, He makes this wealth a trial for a Muslim. When a Muslim donates it and purifies his heart and wealth, he becomes eligible for the higher rewards. Allah is Just. He loves justice and sets high rewards for those who donate for his sake.


scholar of quran


Allah gave his commands about spending in His way in Surah Baqrah in the holy book of the Quran:

"The example of those who spend their wealth in the cause of Allah is that of a grain that sprouts into seven ears, each bearing one hundred grains. And Allah multiplies ˹the reward even more˺ to whoever He wills. For Allah is All-Bountiful, All-Knowing".

It is evident from this verse of the Holy Quran how much reward is returned to a Muslim when he spends in the way of Allah. Allah created human beings. He sets rewards according to the difficulty level of the trail. If it's difficult for a Muslim to donate from his wealth, He increased the rewards to an unimaginable level.

Now try to understand this verse that the money you are donating is an exchange. If any business company sets such a high-profit amount for you, you will invest your money happily. But there is a difference that Allah rewards you and his rewards are long-lasting and unannounced. Modern man is trained for timely profits and benefits.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are responsible for the actions that we are doing in this world. Knowledge and understanding of the wisdom of Islamic practices are necessary before practice. First, we need to understand the core philosophy of Islam and then practice it for a better Dunia and Akhirah.

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