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Is Qurbani compulsory for you?

The majority of Muslims support performing Qurbani, and according to Islam, every sane adult Muslim man or woman who possesses wealth over what is necessary is obligated to do it. Giving Qurbani is frequently necessary if you are able to pay Zakat.

Who must perform Qurbani?

According to the Hanafi school of thinking, doing Qurbani is recommended for:

• Every reasonable Muslim who is of legal age according to Islam (who has reached puberty)
• Non-traveling individuals
• Those with surplus money that exceeds their necessities and is equivalent to (or more than) the level of nisab (87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver)

It is necessary to examine the necessary critics and on the day from the morning of Eid-al-Edha till to the sunset of the 12th day of Eid-Al-Edha means in 3 days of Eid-Al-Edha if anyone has enough wealth according to the following then the sacrifice is obligatory on him

1. Someone has gold
2. Someone has a silver
3. Someone has merchandise, which merchandise purchased with the intention of selling, For example, property, store goods, or any goods purchased with the intention of selling
4. Someone has enough cash amount
5. Any luggage, household things like electronics, etc more than necessary and that haven't been used all year. In addition, if you have a property that is not in your use, it will be included in the more than necessary

If it is worth five or four out of five or three or two or one is equal to the value of 612.36 grams of silver, then the sacrifice is obligatory. But out of this amount will be taken out loans and monthly expenses

You may make several sacrifices at once. For instance, you could want to do one Qurbani with Islamic Relief in the UK and another outside of it.

We learn in the Holy Qur'an from Allah (SWT):

And finish the Umrah and Hajj for Allah. However, if you are unable to do so, [provide] what may be easily gained through the use of sacrificed animals
And do not shave your heads until the sacrificial animal has reached its place of slaughter. And whoever among you is ill or has an ailment of the head [making shaving necessary must offer] a ransom of fasting [three days] or charity or sacrifice. And when you are secure, then whoever performs ‘umrah [during the Hajj months] followed by Hajj [offers] what can be obtained with ease of sacrificial animals. And whoever cannot find [or afford such an animal] – then a fast of three days during Hajj and of seven when you have returned [home]. (2:196)
Those who eligible qurbani meat

The Qurbani project's chosen recipients are qualified based on a scoring methodology that rates households according to need, according to Islamic Relief's guidelines.


islamic scholar


The following impartial standards form the basis of the grading system:

• those households that make less than the country's minimum wage
• homes led by women
• Families with elderly or handicapped members
• children under the age of five
• Pregnant women
• lactating mothers
• families with little or no market access

To determine how each of the aforementioned criteria should be prioritized and weighted, a complete requirements analysis will be carried out. These are then put into practice when choosing recipients to make sure we help those who are most in need without bias or subjectivity.
Islamic Relief has a policy of giving only one Qurbani meat pack—regardless of family size—to each family.

Give a Prophetic Qurbani

The classification of Qurbani is:

1 sheep or goat = 1 Qurbani
1 cow = 7 Qurbanis (1 Qurbani – 1/7th of the share)

Giving Qurbani enables you to support those in need and ensures that they have a crucial protein source during the joyful days of Eid al-Adha.

Give Qurbani today to reap the benefits of the beautiful days of Dhul Hijjah.

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