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Chaand Raat

The night of Eid means the last day of Ramadan and the next day is Eid which is also called Chaand Raat ( moon night ). Although the night of Eid-ul-Adha is also the moon night but the night of Eid-ul-Fitr is more popular. The real reason is that on this night Allah forgives and rewards those who worship Him.


The virtue of Eid night is not proved by any authentic hadith but traditions are weak, but on the basis of the multiplicity of these narrations, some jurists are convinced that they are so numerous that they have reached the level of beauty. But some scholars are of the opinion that despite their abundance, they are so weak that they do not reach the level of beauty and even if they have reached the level of beauty, they are still against the nature of Islamic Sharia. The virtues of the nights that end in Ramadan as soon as Ramadan ends.



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Therefore, the personal opinion of some scholars is that since the worship of this night which is called Lailat Lajizah ( mean chaand raat ) is not proven by any authentic hadith and weak narrations cannot compete with these authentic hadiths, there is no virtue of worship in this night.But this issue is controversial, so if a scholar or a mufti is convinced of this virtue of the night, they cannot be called wrong. Even if we accept that worship is not a virtue but even if we accept that night worship is not a virtue, but it is a night of reward from Allah for the fasting person.

So what should we do on that reward night at a very low level?

In Ramadan, a Muslim fasts during the day in obedience to Allah's commands, prays Taraweeh prayers at night, and always seeks forgiveness from God for his sins. Now when we have to get the reward of this hardship on the moon night ( chaand raat ) and all the deeds that he used to fast in order to avoid the remaining eleven months after Ramadan to avoid the sins which cause the wrath of Allah. Now that all the restrictions that were in Ramadan have been removed, then if we start doing all those things again like going out to the bazaar and forgetting the prayers, will we get this reward tonight from Allah?

We should continue to do all these good deeds even after the end of Ramadan and take care of the will of our God in our daily activities in this world.

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