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Standard of beauty in Islam

If I ask a so-called modern teenage girl what are imperfections of her body? If she is media-motivated then her answer would be like this. Her hair is a bit curly and she wishes it might be straight and silky. Her nose is a little smaller and if it was a bit larger, she had been the most beautiful girl on the earth. Her lips are thick and seem a spot on her beautiful personality. I am sure you must have met at least two-three people of this nature.

What is the cause of this over consciousness? Do these actions are justified by religion? Why is there a trend of this consciousness among women? The answer to all these questions is the core objectives behind writing this blog. First, I want to remove the confusion that perfect look and beauty consciousness are not only trends among women but also among the men of the modern generation. Yes, it might be true that this trend is higher among women and there is a reason behind it. Let me explain it first.

The media represents women in the perfect form. No matter whether it’s digital media or print media. Women's representation is a must-present element in every ad. It doesn't matter what type of product the ad is trying to sell. These magazines and advertisements represent women as perfectly as it is possible. The best women are selected for the advertisements first. Then, tons of makeup is applied to their face to hide the wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots, etc. When makeup has done its job, it is the turn of the photoshoot. Expert photographers take stunning pictures of the models in the best possible manner at the best location and angle.



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Furthermore, the picture is made perfect with the help of editing tools. The editor makes remarkable changes in the photograph with the help of editing tools. He removes all the imperfections of the face and body in the picture. After passing through all these steps, the magazine exhibits a perfect woman to us. Women of our society while sitting in their bedroom want to look as perfect as the woman in the magazine or ad is looking. It’s unfortunate that this trend is increasing among Muslim women as well.

What does Islam teach us about this? First of all, we should consult our two sources of guidance, the Quran and Sunnah in this regard. Allah says in Quran:

“We have certainly created man in the best of stature” – Al Quran 95:4

This verse of the Holy Quran is enough for our guidance. When Allah is saying that He created you beautiful. It means that He created you beautiful and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone. Just accept that beauty. Does he care about your dark circle or skin tone when you stand in front of Him in Salah? No! For Him what matters is your inner beauty. The beauty that you hold in your heart and this beauty makes you different from all others and makes you perfect.

Some people criticize that Islam does not allow makeup on women and therefore is cruel. Dear brother and sisters, try to understand that Islam is the religion of nature. It aligns you with nature. Islam allows makeup to women and asks them to hide their beauty for their men and don’t show it to others. Islam refrains you from this modern standard of looking perfect because it's not human nature to be perfect.
Good and evil; ugliness and beauty etc. go hand in hand. How a person can call herself beautiful when the original face and the face in the mirror after makeup or plastic surgery do not match even. Its fakeness, not the beauty. Islam teaches you to take good care of your health and maintain physical and mental fitness. Islam doesn't allow you to carry fake faces and personalities. It doesn't teach you to hide the originality that Allah bestowed upon you.




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