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5 Heart-stirring benefits of Sabar that you never heard of

Patience is the characteristic of a Muslim and it’s the name of believing Allah in the hardest situation. It’s the belief that drives a Muslim towards good while suffering. Quran explains the importance of Sabar and the position of Sabireen (those who are patient) in almost 80 verses. This numerical value is enough for you to know the significance of Sabar at the time of difficulty.

This blog is about some heart-stirring benefits of Sabar. Why is it necessary to tell you about the advantages of Sabar? I know that it's difficult to do Sabar when you have lost some near or dear one or your suffering is at an extreme. It's human nature that once we know the advantages of something bad happening to us, it becomes easier to endure. Similarly, when you will know about the advantages of Sabar, it becomes easier for you to endure.

1. The inner state of peace and tranquility:
When you are in the worst situation, you need solace and a state of peace. You require these to endure. A Momin finds this solace in the words of the Quran, orders, and commandments f Allah and the rewards waiting for him in Akhirah. This solace gives you peace of mind and energy to endure believing that it’s the will of my Rabb and it's in the favor of me. In this way, patience gives you peace of mind and tranquility.

2. You take the best decision when you are patient:
The best decision requires a person to be calm and easy-minded so that he can consider all the aspects. Now, think for a while that when you are suffering, are you calm? I think, no. The quality of Sabar gives solace and leads you toward the best decision. Many people take a hasty decision and then utter "O shit!!!!!, I might not have done this ". Sabar prevents you from this condition. It gives you a relaxed state when you can ponder upon and devise the best strategy for the future.

3. Sabar will give you the best reward in the form of paradise:
Allah is the most beneficent and merciful. He is an Adil. The more reward is for those who effort for it more. The only reward for Sabar is Paradise and no doubt heaven is the best eternal reward one can receive. Although, you will get this reward in the future. Mere imagination of getting this reward is enough to make you calm and easy. Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Allah says, ‘I have nothing to give but Paradise as a reward to my salve, a true believer of Islamic Monotheism, who, if I cause his dear friend (or relative) to die, remains patient (and hopes for Allah’s Reward).’”



Quran Qari online



4. Love of Allah:
Every Islamic deed has its importance and rewards in the Akhirah. Allah entitled many positions to those who perform those actions or follow his orders. For example, he declared a hard-working person, his friend. but these are only Sabrin (those who are patient) who took the status of being loved by Almighty Allah. Love of Allah is our ultimate goal in this world and the uppermost target of a Momin. Only Sabar can make you beloved by Allah. (Subhan Allah). Allah says in Quran:
"How many a prophet there has been with whom a multitude of godly men fought. They did not falter for what befell them in the way of Allah, neither did they weaken, nor did they abase themselves; and Allah loves the steadfast".

5. Control your Nafs:
Patience is the most difficult task in the worst situation. But once you do it, you become a pro. Patience gives you the training to be calm, polite, and in control of your nerves. You get control of yourself over time and it’s the ultimate training to control your Nafs. One who is patient in his dealings, worship, etc., controls his body and mind. The ability to control your Nafs is a practice that will help you in Dunia and Akhirah because one who can control his body and mind, can control the world outside him.

These are some out-of-the-pool advantages patience brings to you. May Almighty Allah help us to overcome our difficulties and suffering in life. May Almighty Allah make things easy for us and make us patient.

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