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Easy tips to increase Barakah in your life

The life of a modern man is full of hurry. He is always getting late or short of time for every task in life. What do you think about the reason for this? Does everyone want to be productive? Yes,
you might be thinking true. If you are true, what are the reasons behind this lack of productivity? Most of you will be giving a different opinion. Everyone can justify one's opinion based on one's experience.

I want to grab your attention towards an important term. What do we call productivity in Islam? The definition of Productivity in Islam is very different from the definition that your business coach will give you. It's related to involving Divine forces in your every action. Barakah means to achieve more with fewer resources, do a lot of things in a short time and get a lot of advantages from less ability. Barakah is necessary for us today. We are always in hurry, not achieving our goals, and unable to balance our life. This tells you about the lack of Barakah in your life. Here are a few tips that you can follow to increase blessings in the form of Barakah in your life.

1. Getting up early is a way to increase Barakah:

Early to bed, early to rise; makes a man healthy wealthy, and wise. It's a proverb but Islam gives you a logical explanation of it. The timing of salah is a good demonstration of it. Most people go to the bed late and then get up late in the morning. When they get up late, their day ends late and as a result, they suffer from short of time. The morning hours after Fajr prayer are more productive than any other time of the day. So, you can schedule your routine in a way that you perform your most attention-requiring tasks in the morning.

"There is blessing and success in the early hours of the morning."



Quran online scholar



So, get up early, start your day with Fajr prayer and increase Barakah in your day. A well spent and well-managed day will give you peace of mind. This tip helped me and I am sure this tip will also help you.

2. Increase Barakah by earning Halal Rizq:

Look, this life is temporary and we are here for the preparation of the test. Everyone is preparing for the final test in their way. We should try to earn Halal Rizq for our existence so that we can make up a good preparation for our final test. Islam does not say that stop earning or stop increasing your assets. It gives us limits and those limits are helpful for us as human beings and as well as a society.
You are allowed to earn but through Halal methods. Islam does not allow to use of such means as bribery, corruption, and illegal means to earn bread and butter for your family. Use halal methods and Allah will increase Barakah in it. This will cherish your heart. Even if your income is less but you are earning Halal, Allah will make it sufficient for you and your family. Just believe in Him.

3. Good intentions can be a means of increasing barakah in your life:

Intentions play a major role in all the actions of our religion, Islam. For example, intention (Niyyah) is necessary before Wudu, Salah, keeping fast, etc. Allah checks your intentions and the strength of your intentions. When you will have good intentions for your actions, Allah will bless you with the best results. He will bless you even if you can do less in your capacity. Pure intention is not only the way to increase Barakah in your life but it is also a key representation of being a good Muslim.

Good intention means to believe that Allah is with me and He is the best supporter. He will bless you with the best. Increasing Barakah in your life is not difficult but it requires step by step process. For example, if you start working for increased Barakah today, you will not find Barakah in your time and life tomorrow. Its time taking process and over time, you will observe a strong connection with Allah and increased Barakah in your life.

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