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Noorani Qaida Course

This course is meant to teach you how to read classical Arabic in correct pronunciation. It will help you read Quran, hadith and other Arabic books properly. So, anyone who is interested in learning Arabic for any purpose can take first step from this course. I’ll be guiding you throughout the course with the help of live lessons and other stuff. Whatever your field of interest may be in Arabic, reading Arabic is your basic need and if you don’t know how to read Arabic. Then I’ll highly recommend you to take this course before starting any other course. Learning the shapes and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets with visual and sound. (Full form and short forms) joining the letters with each other to make words and read correctly. Learning Arabic Harkaat/Vowels (Fatah/zabar, Kasra/Zair and Damah/Pash)

Types of Vowels

1. Short Vowels and Long Vowels

2. Linking Signs (Jazam/ Sakoon and Tasheed)

3. Madah Letters and then function like:
         “Waao Maddah, alif maddah and yaa maddah”


haroof maddah


4. Types of Madd and correct way of their pronunciation

5. Tanween i.e Two Fatha Zabar, Two Kasrah/Zer, Two Dhammah/Pesh

6. Huraaf Muqatta’aat, noon Qutni

7. Symbols of Waqf (Signs of stopping)

8. Tajweed Rule (Izhaar, idghaama, Iqlaab and lkhfaa/Gunnah etc)

After taking this course you’ll be able to read Arabic in its own script. This course also focuses on correct pronunciation with tajweed.
Noorani Qaida is an essential course for beginners or kids to learning Quran or Arabic. The Quran Education offers an online qaida lessons with tajweed rules and a platform for your child to learn Quran in a right way.

If you are taking this course for reading the holy Quran with proper tajweed, then you have come to the right place Click here to register for 10 free trial classes


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