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The Quran education offering you something new?

Read this and make a perfect choice. Whenever you select a brand of any product or service, you always have some whys. These whys are the motives behind your selection. Why should you select that product out of the pool of competitive products? Similarly, you must need some whys before choosing TheQuranEducation.com.
I'll help you in making a better choice. So, continue reading because it is going to help you. Let’s make your choice guided by the reason. Here is the list of those reasons why should you select TheQuranEducation.com?

10 free trial classes:
TheQuraneducation.com is offering you 10 free trial classes. Ten classes are enough to check whether this platform is suitable for your child or not. These free trial classes will give you an idea about what are the pros and cons of online education. Compatibility of your child and your ease.

Select a package of your own choice:
This platform provides you with different packages. You can select a package of your own choice. For example, 3 days of classes per week, 5 classes per week, or Saturday Sunday weekend classes, etc. You can also choose a 30-minute class or a 45-minute class according to the ease of your child.

No separate charges for Tajweed:
Most of the platforms charge extra for teaching Quran with Tajweed. But, tutors of Quraneducation believe that they should teach Quran with Tajweed from the very beginning. As a result, there is no need to pay extra charges for learning Quran with Tajweed.

Read reviews of the parents:
You can read reviews of the parents HERE. How was their experience with The Quran Education? How did this platform make a comfortable change in their life? How good recommendations they have left for you? I will recommend you first read others' experiences with us before making a choice.

Special offer for two children:
If you have two children whom you want to learn Quran online. Then, The Quran Education is offering a discount for you. You can save 5 dollars if your two children learn Quran from TheQuranEducation.com. I think you must grab this opportunity immediately.

Authenticate first and then select:
The Quran Education believes in quality education and satisfied customer. Hence, you must verify first and then choose us. Reviews and recommendations of parents and free trial classes can help you in this regard. Just take the advantage of these ways, authenticate and then make a choice.

Special offer for choosing 5 classes per week:
If you find 5 classes per week package comfortable for your child, your pocket will also find an advantage. The normal fee for one class is 3.75 dollars but the package of 5 classes per week reduces this fee to 3.50 dollars per class. You can manage 5 classes a week with your child's school routine.


Online Quran experienced tutors

Experienced Tutors:
Teaching Quran online requires not only a sound knowledge of the Quran but also good expertise of online education tools, devices, and technology usage. You can find all this expertise in tutors of The Quran Education. Not only this, tutors have experience in teaching Quran online.

Pocket-Friendly platform:
It is your religious responsibility to provide a platform for your child to learn Quran. But, why not a platform that your pocket affords? Yes, The Quran Education is a pocket-friendly platform. Special packages offer 5 classes package and two children's package making it a pocket-friendly platform.

Highly developed website, a learning tool:
The Quran Education provides you with a learning tool in the form of a website. How? Let me explain this. The website provides you with a complete outline of the course. The child can do voice chatting and video calling on the website. What does it mean? It means no more use of learning apps and tools.

Performance record:
Students can use the sign-up option to get registered. The website provides you with a complete record of the performance of your child. Hence, no need to ask the tutor about the child's performance and learning. Check it by yourself.

Hadith, Duas, and basic Islamic learning:
Tutors of Quran Education not only teach Quran but also Hadith and basic knowledge of Islam. i.e., names of months, the life of the Holy Prophet, etc. Tutors of The Quran Education make students learn many Duas and 40 Hadiths. Students must learn about Islam while learning Quran.

These are a few of the reasons why you should select us.? The choice is yours and I hope this blog can assist you in making the best choice for your child.

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