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Actions on the day of Jumma

8 Must-do actions on the day of Jumma:

Every day of our life holds importance in the week. We usually spend it and look forward to the weekend. We start our week with Monday with new energy and keep exhausting till Friday. It is ok for our office works and professional routines but we need a change of mind related to religion. Why not start your weekend with new religious energy? Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, and it's easy. I am not giving you any recommendations or an up-to-date plan. Your religion Islam has already provided you with a layout. It's true. Islam highlights the importance of Friday by calling it the master of all days of the week.
Jumma means "the day of congregation”. It is the day when Muslims assemble in the mosque to offer prayer. Muslims gather five times a day. How is this gathering different from a usual daily gathering? It is different in many aspects. Allah has placed it above the line of other days. Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) tells us that day of Jumma is superior to all other days of the week and we should make special arrangements for this day to get good rewards from Almighty Allah. What are those special arrangements? This blog is the answer to that question of special arrangements.

Perform Ghusl:

Holy Prophet (PBUH) told us to perform Ghusl on Friday. Muslims must perform Ghusl and clean the body. You can learn the correct method of performing ghusl here.

Cut nails and do Miswaak:

In addition to performing Ghusl, you should cut your nails every Friday. If you cut nails every Friday, it is enough to cut them once a week. Hence, it is better to cut them weekly. Cleanliness of nails is necessary for hygiene. Similarly, do Miswaak (brush your teeth) every Friday. It is better to do Miswaak daily but must for a Muslim on Friday. In this way, we can say, Jumma is the day of cleanliness.

Wear clean clothes:

After performing Ghusl, you should wear the best clothes present in your wardrobe. Best clothes do not mean expensive new clothes. Your usual clean dress is your best cloth. Just press it and wear it.

Offer Jumma prayer with the congregation:

Muslims can offer daily prayer solely but it is obligatory to offer Jumma prayer in congregation. Holy Quran tells us to stop all the trade activities to get ready for Jumma prayer. After performing Ghusl and cleaning your body, go to the mosque on foot. According to Hadith, there are more rewards for those who go to the mosque on foot.


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Send blessings on Holy Prophet (PBUH):

Jumma is the day of worship and master of all the days. There is a need to understand its importance. One important virtue of the day of Jumma is to send blessings on Holy Prophet (PBUH). Undoubtedly, we cannot negate the importance of sending blessings on the Holy Prophet (PBUH) but there is more reward of Darood on the day of Jumma.

Read Surah Kahf:

It is narrated in the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to read Sura Kahf on the day of Jumma. Quran is the word of Allah and the rewards of reading and understanding the Quran is above the measurements of a human. But there are some chapters of the Quran that Muslims should recite on special occasions. Surah Kahf is one of those chapters. Hadith and Sunnah guide us to read this Surah on the day of Jumma. Every Muslim should recite Surah Kahf before or after Salah of Jumma. If you want your child to learn this chapter and many other chapters of the Quran, visit our website here for online registeration we offer free classes.

Do Dhikr:

Dhikr is the remembrance of Allah in your Heart. Read more about Dhikr here. Increase the remembrance of Allah on this special occasion of the week. Remember your Rub more than usual remembrance and thanks to him for his blessings.

Make Dua:

Dua is an important event in our religion. You should perform Dua after every worship. Asking Allah is a way of connecting Him. But, on the day of Jumma, it is more in your favor to make Dua. Why? This is because it is narrated in Hadith that there is one hour in the whole day of Jumma which is the hour of acceptance. In that specific hour, Allah accepts all the Duas. We can conclude this; Muslims should keep praying and asking Allah on Friday so that Almighty Allah accepts all the prayers.
These are some of the actions that we should perform on the day of Jumma. These actions are not only a way to get higher rewards but also to connect with Allah. Dear brother and sisters, we do not follow the core teachings of our religion. We should act upon all the teachings of Islam to make ourselves successful in this world and the world hereafter.

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