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Easy tips to get up early for Fajr prayer

Whenever there is a discussion about Salah or the importance of Fajr prayer, most people say that they cannot get up early in the morning for Fajr prayer. If you also do not get up early in the morning and often miss your Fajr prayer, this blog is for you. There are some practices related to religion and some psychological ones. These can help you to get up early in the morning.

Fajr prayer is one of the most important prayers. What is particular about this prayer? When you go to Allah and worship Him early in the morning, this feeling is matchless. Many Hadiths of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) stress the importance of Fajr prayer. To get all the rewards of morning prayer, first, it is necessary to get up early in the morning. If you are an early bird then you do not face any difficulty. But if you are not, you can do these practices.

The intention of Offering Morning Prayer: 

Intention holds a special place in Islam. The criteria for reward are intention. Similarly, your intention for Fajr prayer can help you in getting up early in the morning. Therefore, you must intend to offer Fajr on time. Must make this intention before going to sleep.

Go to bed in the state of Wudu: 

Wudu is a process of purification. So, ritually purify your body before going to sleep. If you offer prayers regularly, you will be already in the state of Wudu after the prayer of isha. If not or sometimes you get involved in other tasks, perform ablution before lying on the bed.

Offer rest of the prayers:

Offering prayer means to go in front of Allah and declare His majesty and ask his forgiveness. If you do not offer the rest of the four prayers, how can you expect that your body and mind will help you to offer morning prayer?


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Use physical methods that make you wake up :

It is a world of technology and there are a lot of available methods that you can use for getting up on time. Alarms or Azan reminders, etc. are an example of the usage of technology. These disturb you for a while and bring you back to the conscious world. This disturbance and reminder can remind you of the timing of the Fajr prayer. In this way, you can get up and offer Salah.

Follow the natural cycle of sleep: 

Sleep is a state of rest. You temporarily go to another world of unconsciousness. Some people are ok after six hours of sleep and for a few eight hours sleep is insufficient. So, understand your particular time and follow it. Follow the natural cycle of your sleep. For example, do not miss the exact time of your sleep. Sometimes, if you miss the exact time and ultimately you need more time to sleep. As a result, you get up late and miss your salah. So, avoid this and follow the natural cycle.

Remember Allah through Dhikr while going to bed: 

Dhikr is a way to remember Allah. You should perform Zikr after lying on the bed. How does this help you? Dhikr develops your connection with Allah. Just imagine that how best is this when you are under the effect of Sleep while remembering your Rub. This night Dhikr makes you in line with Allah and as a result, helps you to offer morning prayer.

Whisper to Allah: 

In my personal experience, this helped me a lot and I hope it will help you as well. I always prayed to Allah after Isha's Salah and lying on the bed. I uttered these words” I am weaker, my Allah, and cannot get up early in the morning. But I want to offer morning prayer. I want to come to you before sunset. Please help me in some way. Please do not disappoint me “. In this way, I whispered to Allah. You will not believe it, it helped me to get up on time. It can help you as well. You can whisper your request to Allah in your way and words. I am sure He will respond to you.

These are some of the tips that you can follow for awakening on time. You can adopt any or a few of them that work best for you. Apart from this, other tricks can help you. You can share the best tip in the comment section.



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