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How to make a strong connection with Allah?

Our daily life chores and activities make us tired and mentally disturbed. You can solve this disturbance by achieving mental satisfaction and peace. Religion provides you with this mental satisfaction by providing a spiritual connection. Stronger is your spiritual connection, the more you are relaxed and peaceful in your life. In this blog, I will explain a few methods that will help you in making a stronger bond with Allah.

First of all, you should keep in mind that the level of faith is not the same every day. Sometimes, you feel more connected to Allah, and some days you consider that you are far away from Him. It is a natural thing so do not consider it much. Just try to be more consistent in remembering Him and perform sideway tasks that connect you with your Rabb. You will gain consistency after some time.

Think that connection with Allah is easy:

One important note is that Is it easy to develop a connection with Allah. The answer is yes and no at the same time. How? Let’s solve this riddle. It is easy if your percept is that it's easy to connect with Allah anytime. On the other hand, if you consider it a difficult task then it is much difficult.

Remember Him

Remembering Him is a primary step of your connection. Understand it from a daily life example. You feel more connected to your friend whom you remember more. Similarly, you should remember Him. You can intentionally try to remember him but a few small tasks can remind you of Allah. For example,


Recitation of Bismillah:

Muslims should recite Bismillah before every religious or worldly task performance. When you develop a habit of reciting Bismillah before every task, it will remind you of your Rub. As a result, you will feel connected to Allah before performing every task.

Say thanks to Allah:

Saying thanks to Allah works the same as recitation of Bismillah. You remember him at the time of the beginning of any task. i.e., eating food, wearing new clothes, or starting your schoolwork, etc. Similarly, you should remember and thank Him for his blessings. Thank him even for the smallest blessings. i.e., achieving your daily goals, getting your tasks easy, etc. Shukar is the best method to connect Him back. In this way, you will synchronize His blessings and your happiness.


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Offering Salah is a way to Connect Allah

He is our Creator and no doubt He is the best planner. His wisdom is present in the number and timing of Salah. Careful observation of the prayers timetable gives you an idea that Salah is a way to connect Allah five times. This connection and remembrance are a way to develop a strong bond with Allah.

Keep a company that reminds you of Allah

A man’s company affects his thought and indirectly his actions. Develop friendship with those who remind you of Allah. Their direct and indirect conversation and action should be a way of your strong connection. If you do not have such company of friends now then try to develop it. You can go and seek this type of friend in religious gatherings and the audience of religious scholars. If you start searching, I am sure you will find it.

Perform actions that please Allah

Daily life tasks act as the center of our thoughts. Now, you have to involve Allah in your daily activities. The best way to do this is to perform your action that pleases him. In this way, your daily activities will get centered around the idea of your Rub rather than the opposite. It’s easy to achieve as well.

Here arises the question that which tasks should you perform? There is no long list of specific actions. Just perform daily tasks and refrain from those prohibited by Allah. For instance, haram earning, drinking alcohol, etc. Similarly, perform those actions that please him. For instance, speak the truth, pay Zakat, etc. Above all, train your mind to consciously think of Allah and His blessings when you are performing these actions. In addition to this, feel happy when you have an improvement in your performance. It will please your Rub and increase your good deeds.

Whisper with Allah:

This step practically helped me. I think it is the most result-oriented one. When you are in difficulty, whisper to Allah that it is difficult. If you are feeling cheerful then tell him that you are feeling overjoyed. Thank Him for the smallest happiness that you felt after the help of Allah. These whispers with Allah help you to feel consistency in your level of faith and bond with Allah.

All these steps are helpful. The most important thing is your will to connect with Him. If you want to make your bond stronger with Allah, you can try any way that works for you. I am sure He will accept your effort and He will respond to you in the best way. His response will give you immense pleasure. What steps worked for you in your journey of developing a strong bond with Allah.


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