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Top 5 problems of online Quran education and their solutions

Every religion in the world has some specific guidelines for its followers. Holy for every Muslim child. Due to high mobility and the pandemic, Quran learning has been books are the basic source of guidance in many religions of the world. Followers of Islam follow the Holy Quran for guidelines and true practice of religion. Quran education is necessary shifted to online. But there are many challenges connected with this system. The following text will discuss five main problems of online Quran education.

1. Arrangement of tutor or selection of online academy for kids: 

One of the biggest challenges for mothers is to select a suitable tutor or academy for their kids. There is a plethora of online academies and tutor profiles that provide these services. But the real issue that arises while decision making how to select a suitable method. You should select a tutor or online Quran learning platform based on the schedule or routine of your child. Select the best time slot so that your child is not mentally exhausted and is prepared for Quran classes. You should select an appropriate tutor for your child. For this, you can take a free trial class with the tutor to check the compatibility.

2. Time management issues: 

Every task requires proper time and the same is the case with Quran reading. Mothers need to manage time table of their children. It requires you to make them available for Quran classes at a specific time. You also need some time to help them in connecting with the tutor. You should make a proper schedule that works for your both child and tutor.

3. Technical challenges: 

Online Quran education has many challenges. i.e. slow internet connection on any part either teacher or student, low voice or video quality, blur screen, etc.

Technical challenges are genuine issues and you cannot eradicate them but you can try to minimize them. You should try to keep a good internet connection on your part by using advanced devices. In addition to this, you can use the best online learning platform. i.e. skype, zoom app, etc. for Quran classes. Further, you can discuss with the tutor how to minimize technical issues. This may help you to get to a solution suitable for you and tutor both.

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4. Issue of lack of interest:

Mothers are sometimes concerned about their children's lack of interest in Quran education. They are of the view that my child gets involved in other activities while online Quran class.

First, you should understand that Quran learning is a time taking process. The time for learning Noorani Qaida may vary from child to child. You can make them learn Quran through many Quran apps on your android. As a result, they will find it fun rather than a burden. Similarly, you can buy Quran in the form of a hard book so that child may feel connected towards reading that book. In the same way, you can develop their interest with the help of Quran listening. You can recite the holy Quran by yourself or make them hear recorded recitation.

5. Repetition and retainment of learned knowledge: 

It is a common observation that children forget learned knowledge after a week or two. This issue is also connected with the reason of lack of a test system or check and balance of previous knowledge. 

To resolve this issue, you should develop a test or revision system to check their previous knowledge. You should guide them about other basics of Islam. i.e. pillars of Islam, kalima, etc. In this way, they find a connection between religion and the Holy book. You can use your free time to make them repeat previous knowledge. 

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