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How to give Dawah to Muslims?

Dawah means inviting others towards the message of Allah. Its scope also includes telling others about Allah and directing them how to obey his commandments. I have provided details about What is Dawah, its importance, and how to perform it? YOU CAN Check Here.

Dawah is not only for non-Muslims but also for Muslims. It is for those who believe in the oneness of Allah the Holy Prophet as the last messenger of Allah. But, their Islamic practices, manners, and actions are not according to the teachings of Islam. In this scenario, it is necessary to remind them what is right and what is wrong?

First, you should be aware that they believe in Allah and they need guidance in Islamic practices. Do not make the mistake of considering them inferior or thinking that why do not know this and that details of Islam being Muslims?


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One day a Muslim came to Holy Prophet (PBUH) and gifted him a bottle of wine. Holy Prophet asked him that you don’t know whine is haram in Islam? He answered I don’t have any idea about it. He ordered his servant to sell this bottle of wine. Holy Prophet told him that One who has forbidden drinking this has also prohibited its selling. At that Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered to dump it out. He didn’t get angry at him that why did you come with a bottle of wine as a gift? Why did you come up with a haram gift?

A similar situation can happen to us. For example, Muslims brought up in the secular territories might be Muslims by their heart but not from their actions. Even they might not know that what does Islam prohibits and what Islam allows them to do? A similar case can happen in the Muslim territories. For example, a Muslim offers prayer five times a day but doesn’t offer it with Khushoo. We can address these problems through Dawah.

You might be confused now that Is Dawah for Muslims also? Yes, Dawah for Muslims. How to give Dawah is explained here. You can click a read it here. This article is specific for Dawah o the Muslims.

One of the biggest questions’ is Should I give Dawah to others even if I am not an expert. Yes, you can preach Islam through Dawah even if you are not a scholar. In a Hadith, Holy Prophet (PBUH) said spread knowledge even if it is one verse. It means you should start Dawah from a single piece of knowledge but it must be correct.

Start from Tauheed. The Muslim in front of you already knows this concept of Tauheed. You must start Dawah with this point. Why? Because every time you talk about any other Islamic practice, you can connect it to Tauheed. After Tauheed, talk about Salah. It is the second pillar of Islam and you can easily connect its preaching to the belief of Tauheed. After Salah, talk about Zakat and keeping fast. If they are regular in Salah, it will be easy to follow other practices.

Do not take the condition of Muslims or their argument personally because your task is to give a reminder. It is the same as what prophets did. They just reminded people about their Creator because every soul innately knows its Creator and there is a need to remind them.

Use different ways to give Dawah to Muslims. You can remind them about the rewards of paradise, punishment of hell, ask questions, tell them stories, give examples, and perform those actions which increase Iman in their hearts. Spiritually immature Muslims will argue with you. You should leave the argument and pray to Allah for telling the truth.

Do not condemn them for their ignorance. Show compassion instead of getting irritated. Support those actions they are performing true. Sometimes, while correcting, we forget that they are performing good deeds. We can support them with that. For example, a girl told her story that she was wearing a hijab and everyone criticized her for not taking it correctly. She got irritated by this criticism and removed her hijab. You must be aware that you intend to make them come near to religion not away from it.

Explain words of Allah with wisdom and fair preach. The speech needs to be sincere. When your intentions are not pure from the heart, no one will hear you. Secondly, practice those actions that you are preaching. A practical role model is more influential than a lecturer. Pray Allah that He may increase the power of your words and your energy of a fair speech.



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