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What is Dawah? What is an Islamic way to perform it?

 Dawah is an Islamic way of inviting others towards the true religion of Allah. Quran and Sunnah guide every Muslim man and woman to perform this prophetic task on their own. Allah's Prophets also invited people towards Allah and gave them Dawah to follow his teachings. As our Holy Prophet (PBUH) is the last Prophet of Allah, no Prophet will come in this world now. Due to this reason, Muslims are responsible for this noble task.

While giving Dawah, you should follow some basic principles. Following these basic principles will help you perform Dawah most effectively.

First of all, you should be knowledgeable about religion. One who takes the responsibility of teaching others must have sound knowledge of religion and religious practices. For this purpose, you can read books, Islamic articles, Tafsir, Sunnah, or any other material. At the same time, you can take courses about Islamic teachings to understand religion deeply. Only a sound knowledge of Islam is not enough for giving correct Dawah.

You should practice religion. Practice means that you should follow Islam in your daily life. For instance, how can you guide a non-Muslim about practicing Sunnah and you do not practice by yourself? Islam should be observable in your actions, statements, and intentions. It will help you to attract others towards you. A practical human being is much more effective than a talkative one. He can influence people faster than the latter one.

 One of the major elements for Dawah is the intention of a Muslim. The Niyyah behind any action holds a special place in every Islamic practice. In this case, its importance increases because the factor of Dikahawah (show off) is likely to be present here. Therefore, the intention of a Muslim should be to spread the message of Allah instead of showing off.

Most people confuse Dawah with missionaries, the concept of Dawah is very different from the function of Missionaries. Dawah is not for non-Muslims only but Muslims also. Dawah does not mean to make someone convert to Islam. It means to spread the message of Allah in its true essence. The most notable thing is that no Muslim can take credit for converting someone towards Islam, this is the mere will of Allah and man is just a mean and nothing more. It is up to Allah that either He gives light of Islam to someone or not. A Muslim is just here for obedience.


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During Dawah, you must be very polite and patient. Always keep one thing in your mind that a person in front of you is not leaving his beliefs in response to your speech. Your speech can give a choice or a different perspective of thinking to others. For this purpose, your method of explanation and justification can do magic. While doing this, avoid the argument. The argument is a communicational barrier. You might gain the success of a timely argument but you will lose that person.

The involvement of debate and argument might cause him to misinterpret Islam. It will do wrong instead of doing right. You should try to avoid this. In this situation, leave the argument and remain silent. Islam teaches you to do this in such types of conditions.

Do not take Dawah personally. You are doing this for Allah, not for the people and your intention is not to convert them towards Islam. So, avoid taking this condition personally and think that Allah does not want them Muslims.

Be patient about your Dawah. Patience is the most required characteristic of a Da' ae. Prophet Nuh did Dawah for more than nine hundred years and only a handful of people accepted his Dawah. Similarly, our Holy Prophet kept bearing all the cruelties of the people of Makkah and became patient towards it.

It is general information about Dawah. For more details of Dawah, read other blogs on this website.



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