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The correct way of Performing Wudu and some mistakes that we should avoid:

 Allah is our Creator. He is the most Beneficent and merciful. The purpose of every worship of Muslims is to connect with Almighty Allah and prayer is the best way. Islam teaches us to contact Allah five times a day with the help of prayer. Offering Salah has many medical advantages apart from spiritual benefits. Click here to read. The first and foremost step of performing prayer is to perform ablution. As it is obligatory to offer salah five times a day and eventually perform Wudu five times also.

We must perform the first step of prayer in the right way. Many people make a lot of mistakes while performing Wudu. I am mentioning few common mistakes here so that you can evaluate your method of performing ablution.

  1. Some people follow all the steps but they don't take care of the cleanliness of the water.
  2. Some people perform ablution hastily and as a result, some area remains dry because water does not reach there.
  3. Masa is also difficult for few and they follow the wrong way.
  4. Most men do not wash their beard perfectly as it is very thick.  
  5. Some Muslims forget to recite Ashud Allah Illah after Wudu

These were few mistakes that I observed when my fellow Muslims used to do ablution. If you have also observed some negligence other than this, please write in the comment section. So, other Muslims can also know about them and correct themselves.  

Now I am explaining the correct method of doing ablution. If you are a new Muslim or you are enthusiastic about evaluating your Wudu method, this blog will help you. Here arises the question of how to perform Wudu? And the best answer to this question is that we should perform in the same way as Holy Prophet (PBUH) performed. So, here is the correct method according to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).


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Cleanliness of Water and dress: In Islam, cleanliness holds a special status and it is called half of faith. So, cleanliness is necessary while performing ablution. You should wear clean clothes and the water that you are using for ablution must be clean. Clean water does not mean distilled or filter water. It means natural water that is running out of your tap. It should not contain some filth or dirt.

Washing of your private parts: Whenever anyone urinates or defecates, it is necessary to wash private parts with water. The same is necessary before performing ablution.

Perform ablution with a pure intention from heart and remembrance of Allah: 

Prayer is a process to remember Allah and connect Him. The first step of Salah, Wudu should also be completed with his remembrance. Make a mindful understanding that your prayer is started now. Remember your Creator and start your worship.

After these pre-ablution actions, you should follow these few steps.

  1. Start with Bismillah: We should read bismillah before every action but it is necessary to recite Bismillah before Wudu. Bismillah itself is a way to remember Allah. When a Muslim says "In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful " he praises Him. So, you have to praise Allah before Wudu as well.
  2. Wash your hands: After the first step, you should wash your hands three times from the tips of your fingers to the wrist. You should perform this action in a way that no part of your hands is dry. You can utilize the fingers of the other hand to wash spaces between fingers.
  3. Wash your oral cavity:  The next step is to wash your oral cavity three times. The oral cavity is an important organ of the body and Wudu also ensures our oral hygiene. Therefore, wash your oral cavity three times. You can take the help of your index finger for cleaning the upper and lower jaw.
  4. Wash your nose: After washing your oral cavity, it is time to clean your nose. Wash your nose three times. Make water reach the soft part of the nose. You can use one hand to enter the water in your nose and the second hand to make it run out of the nose. 
  5. Wash your face: Washing face is an obligatory step of wudu. Wash face three times from forehead to chin and from one ear to another. If you have a thick beard, then you can move your fingers in the beard hair to ensure the correct process of washing your face. 
  6. Wash your arms:  The next step is to wash your arms from wrist to elbow. You have to repeat this step three times, each arm one by one. You can gently rub your skin to ensure cleanliness. 
  7. Perform step of Masa: Masa is an obligatory step of ablution. Most people do perform this in the wrong way. You have to wash your hands or take wet hands and move them from the forehead to the base on the backside of your head. Then, move your hands from the basal part of your head to the forehead again. You should also perform this step only once. Put your index finger of both hands in your ears and clean the inner part of the ear. Move your thumb to clean the backside of your ears. Following these steps, the step of masa is complete. 
  8. Wash your feet: Now, it's time to wash the lowest part of your body. Wash your feet three times. Gently rub your hands on the skin to remove any dirt etc. Use your hand fingers to ensure the washing of spaces between fingers. Don't forget to wash your sole.
  9. Recite Shahada: After completing all the steps, it is the time of testimony. It is a Sunnah to recite Shahada after wudu. Recite "Ashhadu Allah Ilaha Illa-Allah Wa Ashhadu Anna Muhammad-ur Rasul Allah". Recitation of Shahada completes your wudu process.By following these steps, your Wadu is complete and you have performed it as guided by the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is an easy process and when you perform it five times, it will become your habit. I appreciate your interest in learning your worship methods or correct them. May Almighty Allah bless you with countless blessings.

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