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Living for others

Man is the Crown of Creation! He has been endowed with the gift of intelligence. He, therefore, has the capacity to discriminate between good and evil,...


Noorani Qaida Course

This course is meant to teach you how to read classical Arabic in correct pronunciation. It will help you read Quran, hadith and other Arabic books pro...


The Quran education offering you something new?

Read this and make a perfect choice. Whenever you select a brand of any product or service, you always have some whys. These whys are the motives behin...


What is Islam? Basic beliefs and practices

Islam is the second biggest religion in the world. According to the statistics, the total population of Muslims is about 1.8 billion. God created human...


Actions on the day of Jumma

8 Must-do actions on the day of Jumma:Every day of our life holds importance in the week. We usually spend it and look forward to the weekend. We start...