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Prayer is the most important way to communicate with Allah

Since a man who practices Islam is able to become aware of the divine presence not just while he is in the confines of a place of worship but also in t...


Days and nights of Ramadan

Ramadan The month of Mubarak is a month of blessings and kindness from Allah. Every good deed and act of worship during this month of blessings results...


Why do we need to fast?

Ramadan.It's that particular time of the year once again, when you are more likely to check the time than you are to check Snapchat, when you are less ...


Negative actions that undermine the benefits of fasting

Act Of FastingThe month of fasting (roza) is a time for collecting blessings. This is the month in which one should seek forgiveness for their faults a...


Few Hadiths of the Holy Prophet PBUH

Few HadithsWe all are Muslims, believers of Allah, and followers of the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Islam teaches us about continuous improve...